Collection: accessories

In the "Accessories" category of our online shop you will find everything you need to express your connection to running and the "Bridgerunners" running crew. As well as offering running apparel and casual wear, we also offer a selection of accessories designed specifically for the Bridgerunners fans.

For coffee lovers we offer our exclusive Bridgerunners coffee or espresso. This is made by local partners in Düsseldorf and is perfect for preparing you for the run or the day. The coffee has a strong and aromatic taste that is guaranteed to delight you.

And so that you can also enjoy your coffee in style, we have the right mug in the Bridgerunners design for you. This is not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher. It is made of enamel and is perfect for at home or on the go.

Order our exclusive Bridgerunners coffee with the matching enamel mug now and show your love for the running crew "Bridgerunners"! With us you can order easily and conveniently online and pick up your products either at home or at training, the so-called " Track Thursday ".