Laufgruppe vs. Runningcrew: So findest du die richtige Lauf-Community für dich

Running group vs. running crew: How to find the right running community for you

When it comes to running, there are now many opportunities to meet up with like-minded people and run together. Two popular options are running groups and running crews. Both have the purpose of bringing runners together, but there are also some differences between the two that we will look at in more detail in this blog post.

running groups

A running group is usually an organized group of runners who meet regularly to run together. There is often a set route or distance that is walked together and the pace is adjusted to suit the group. Running clubs are often organized by gyms, sports clubs or running shops, but there are also many informal groups that can be found through social media or other platforms.

Running groups are often open to all runners, regardless of their fitness level or goal. It is often more about running together and the community than individual performance. That's not to say there isn't a challenge, however, as running clubs can be a great tool for improving your running. By training together, you can motivate and support each other and thus achieve your goals faster.

running crews

A running crew, on the other hand, is typically a group of runners who are characterized by their passion for running and their urban lifestyle. Running crews often have a strong online presence, using social media to share their message and lifestyle. Running crews are often found in cities and often have unique branding and aesthetic identities distinct from other running groups.

Running crews often have faster, more challenging workouts geared towards advanced runners. It is often about achieving personal goals and improving individual performance. Running crews often also have a strong sense of community and, in addition to training, they also organize events such as pop-up runs or other activities designed to strengthen the feeling of togetherness.


In summary, running groups and running crews are both great ways to connect with other runners and run together. Running clubs are often more informal and open to all, while running crews often have a more specific focus and are aimed at advanced runners. Which option you choose ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals.

Author: Holger Schumacher

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