BR42 - Homemade Marathon

BR42 - Homemade Marathon

The Jücht… A nature reserve in the south of Düsseldorf, where the Rhine makes a 90 degree arc. Popular as a local recreation area for stressed-out city dwellers who want to escape from everyday life between calls and coffee dates, for amateur ornithologists who want to see birds other than the strange oddball across the desk, for nature lovers who can do more than just the plants in the house to drown in your own living room. In short, for everyone who wants peace and quiet. At least on 364 days last year - the only exception was April 23, 2022. The BR42 celebrated its premiere where the fox and the hare usually say good night. The first marathon organized by us.

The concept: a 5km lap so that everyone can run the distance they want. Right up to the marathon.

The smart thing: the starting point was chosen so that the finish line was always at the BRIDGERUNNERS home base.

The cool thing: Goosebumps every five kilometers when we passed the cheering zone.

The (positive) crazy thing: Pedestrians, hikers, farmers and cyclists were simply cheered on.

The best thing: Refreshment at the destination with Holgers and Azibs cinnamon rolls.

Again no Düsseldorf Marathon 2022

First things first... After years of the Corona pandemic and countless canceled (half) marathons, there was finally light at the end of the tunnel. The Düsseldorf marathon was scheduled to take place at the end of April. For weeks, the track had been discussing pacing, race division, current form, long runs, mental tricks and the right nutrition for a marathon. The euphoria was there. Finally a running event in Düsseldorf again.

But a month before the time had finally come, there were increasing signs that the official Düsseldorf marathon was not going to happen. Sometimes there was speculation about weak registration phases, sometimes about the Corona restrictions. There were still rumors and speculation, but enough that the BRIDGERUNNERS organization team was working on their own solution behind the scenes.

When the official cancellation came with reference to the Corona restrictions and concerns for the safety of the starters, the BR42 plan was quickly pulled out of the drawer. Of course, once again with a great campaign designed by the social media team. A collective sigh of relief from all those who had endured endless long runs in sub-zero temperatures during the winter months: There would be a marathon. Smaller, nicer, with great people – and Kinpoint as a partner. The result: over 60 registrations.

An almost normal Saturday on the Jücht

The residents of Jücht have rarely experienced this: the hiking car park was almost completely full at 8 a.m. But the people who parked there didn't have hiking boots or poles with them. Instead, boxes, branded beer tent sets, BRIDGERUNNERS stands, snacks and drinks. That day it was: Vaporflys instead of Gore-Tex.
The cheering zone was set up behind the small forest on the dike, the weather was a dream, the atmosphere was unique. From the first minute. The special thing about us is simple: those who don't run still come and celebrate. Plus Kinpoint at your side as an uncomplicated and relaxed partner. Had a bit of a family trip. A pretty big family trip.

The crew also had a lot to celebrate in terms of sport. A successful marathon debut from Jana, who had only been able to test herself a few weeks before the marathon, an incredible half marathon time of just under 1:18 hours from Tomoya and many fast 5-10km laps were at the end of the day. The guest from the Triathlon Team Düsseldorf was also celebrated and was accompanied by Hanniel on his last lap of the marathon. And everyone knows how Hanniel can shout you forward. Breaking in is forbidden there.
Conclusion: Repeat requested by everyone.

As if nothing had happened

Anyone who only set out on their afternoon hiking route in the Jücht after coffee and cake would probably only hear about the BR42 spectacle through hearsay. The crew removed all traces in no time.
The afterparty took place in the Rheinpark, where endurance was also demonstrated on the glass.

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Author: Nicolas Rübsteck
Photos : Azib Hamidi , Hanniel Hu

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