24-Stunden-Lauf - Atemlos durch die Nacht (und den Tag)

24-hour run - breathless through the night (and day)

It is quiet in the streets of Düsseldorf. At four in the morning the city is asleep and the last night owls are on their way home. The moon is slowly setting and the first signs of twilight can be seen on the horizon over the Rhine behind the television tower. But not everyone is in their beds or on the way there. At the Theodor Heuss Bridge, sitting in a circle on camping chairs, wrapped in blankets and braving the night and early morning coolness, people wait. And finally it's that time again: the beams of light from headlamps and bicycle lamps are approaching from the direction of Rheinpark. The next runner gets up from her chair, shakes the tiredness and cold from her limbs and gets ready. A few seconds later, the runners and cyclists have arrived at the group, the baton is handed over, a lot of fun is wished and the runner disappears into the darkness while the person who has just arrived has finished his night shift for the day. Exhausted, he collapses into the camping chair with the others.

What's going on here? One night a year, the Bridgerunners turn night into day and run together - for 24 hours - a 6 km lap over the bridges and along the Rhine. From the start at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 29, 2022, until Saturday, July 30, also at 6 p.m., one or more bridge runners and their bike companions will be on the route continuously, so that no one is ever alone (or without Chicken Techno from the speakers). Luckily, the route was marked in advance by an up-and-coming street artist with signposts and motivating sayings and drawings. Other Bridgerunners can be found at the base, guarding bags, snacks and drinks throughout the night. The hours fly by, with the first rays of sun other crew members arrive with coffee and rolls in their luggage for the early shift. Half is already done!

As the day goes on, it becomes more and more crowded at the base, and the morning calm slowly but surely gives way to an exuberant atmosphere. Our friends from HOKA , who ran a few laps with us the evening before, also come back refreshed and are busy handing out shoe models to test. Quite a few people run significantly more than they originally stated in their 'running shift plan'. After all, it's much more fun to do laps in a group, and the third shoe model will also be tested extensively. There are now homemade cakes and even cookies with Bridgerunners and HOKA logo. The highlight towards the afternoon: a cocktail truck opens its door and sets up a bar for us. If not canapes for breakfast, then at least Wildberry Lillet - if you sweat a lot, you have to drink enough. Traditionally, the last lap is run together with as many people as possible. A whole wave of yellow T-shirts plows along the Joseph-Beuys-Ufer, with Bridgerunners flags, good music and even better moods. Shortly before the finish, the big finale: with smoke flares across the finish line, those waiting at the base pop the champagne corks.

24 incredibly great hours went by, 48 laps were ultimately completed, most of which involved several runners. Almost 70 participant shirts were distributed, and that wasn't even enough for everyone (we'll do it well, we promise) - never before have so many crew members been represented, be it to run along or just to cheer, cheer or just keep company. Countless cakes, pizzas and drinks were consumed afterwards and the evening ended successfully with the best weather. Our absolute favorite event and the highlight of the Bridgerunners calendar, for the third time.

We can't wait for the 2023 edition to launch, again with HOKA by our side. Get ready for another bombastic event , we look forward to seeing you!

Author: Johanna Odemann
Photos : Azib Hamidi , Hanniel Hu , Torben Flatemersch

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